Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ok - but all your photos are with 5D!

Ok - so I imagine there a some readers out there thinking -- these are some 'cool photos', but Clint is shooting with a 5D -- I've got a Rebel XT, Rebel XTi, 20D, 30D, 40D, etc. First of all, I do love my 5D, it's the best camera I have ever owned, but with that being said I could make 98% of the photos in my portfolio with a Rebel XTi. I might use a different lens on a crop-sensor body than on a full-frame body, becauses of differences in effective focal lengths, but I could get the same shot. The only exception to this would be the shallower depth of field possible with the larger full-frame sensor of the 5D, and even then the difference would not be massive, you can still get a nice 'blurry background' with a crop-sensor body. Keep in mind that there are also benefits of a crop-sensor body over a full-frame body, including an effective 1.6X telephoto factor, smaller/ligher body, lower purchase price and a built-in flash.


bob said...

This was my first thought. Isn't the ability to shoot at a very high ISO one of the strengths of the 5D. I recently traded my XT for a XTI and I find that ISO 800 is a lot more usable now and I would love to get quality IQ from 1600

Clint Bogard said...

Bob: High ISO is a big strength of the 5D. On the 5D, I try and use ISO 400 because there is virtually no noise. ISO 800 is also excellent. In addition ISO 1600 is also 100% usable. Even ISO 3200 is acceptable, especially if you convert to a sepia tone. It'll be interesting to see what ISO 3200 looks like on the Rebel XSi :)