Sunday, May 4, 2008

Useful Canon DSLR photography tips

I find some of my posts are 'more useful' than others. Below are the posts I feel have been the most useful so far (listed in order of value):

4 things to take your photography to the next level
Getting that 'blurry-background'
Conveying motion
The landscape photo with everything sharp
My fix for garish-color, high-ISO indoor shots
Creating cool light trails
Good portrait & good sunset
It's all about the light
Making great photos in a bar
Warm-up your photos with correct white balance
Rock star
$3 for 18"x12" archival photographic prints
Drop-deal gorgeous photo books
First Canon DSLR: What lenses to by?

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I found this great little blog about 'making great photos with your Canon DSLR'. The blog is written for the beginner/intermediate photographer looking to control the camera to create the images you want. It's a useful little blog. You can check it out here:

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T-Mc said...

Thanks for posting those links, they were great to go back and read. Also your last entry from Grand Staircase had some amazing pictures. I loved how you added the detail on how the pictures were taken. Thanks.