Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are you ready to photograph spring?

Spring is one of my favorite times to take pictures. I don't shoot as much in the winter, so I am always itching to get out in the spring and take pictures. Spring also presents so many great photo opportunities: flowers blooming, green trees, spring mornings. With spring coming on fast, make sure you are 100% ready.

Is your camera bag packed and ready to go? Is your tripod in the bag or right next to it, so you don't forget it? Are you camera batteries charged?

Do you have all the tools you need?
  • Is there a new lens you need?
  • Do have enough memory cards?
  • Do you need any extra camera batteries?
  • Do you have a bag or backpack to hold everything?
  • Do you want to start using graduated filters? You'll need a grad holder, a couple grads and the appropriate 'mounting ring' for the len(s) you'll be using it with.
  • Have you planned out the places, people or things you want to photograph?
  • Have you visualized the photos you want to go capture?
Get ready, it's almost spring!

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