Monday, March 17, 2008

LowePro service rocks.

I'd like to send kudos out to the crew at LowePro -- they just took very good care of me.

I've been a user of their packs for all my DSLR's over the past 6 years. I started off with a LowePro Off-trail 2 (a fanny pack that can hold a DSLR with a 70-200 Telephoto lens mounted + 2 extra lenses.) When I purchased the canon 400 f5.6 lens, I upgraded to their Mini Trekker AW backpack (this holds my Canon DSLR and 7 lenses.)

So, I loved my Mini Trekker AW, but the zipper eventually 'blew-out' and I bought a new one. I called LowePro support and told them about the blown-zipper, I wanted to see if they could repair the pack with the failed zipper so I'd have a spare backpack. They told me to send it in and they'd see what they could do. The pack was 2+ years old.

I got home today and there was a package from LowePro... when I opened it up I found a brand new LowePro Mini Trekker AW bag :)

Zippers will eventually fail and LowePro could have simply said 'sorry, zippers fail'. But they didn't, they sent me a brand new bag.

You gotta love companies that stand behind their products. LowePro rocks!

They've got me for life now.

Here are the 2 LowePro packs I've used on

Lowepro Off Trail 2 - Belt pack for camera - Ripstop - black

Lowepro Mini Trekker AW Backpack (Black)

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swimlappy said...

This is good to know, since I had invested in 2 LowePro packs in the last 6 months. Companies have forgotten that good service does create a loyal base of customers. I wish more were like this.